Strong and Reliable Solar Power for Any North Dakota Home or Business

Going green is the way of the future, and our local company is here to help take you right into it. Turn to Wind & Solar World for the best solar power in North Dakota. We’re proud to be a leader in meeting our fellow neighbors’ solar power needs, no matter the size or requirements of their property. This is sure to save money in the long term, and we’re devoted to making that possible for every property owner. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients to design and install the highest-quality renewable energy solutions available.

With a reputable, experienced team, Wind & Solar World is regularly called upon by builders and homeowners alike to provide the support they need. That same support is available to you too. When you’re planning on building green homes or businesses, make our number the first one you call. We offer free consultations on green power and can supply the tools and team to make your project a financial and environmental success.

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The Heart of the System

The solar panel is the first item people think of when considering solar energy systems. Panels are the heart of the setup, regardless of whether it is a massive commercial solar array in the desert or a small residential installation atop someone’s home. These photovoltaic panels are the key to capturing the energy in the sun’s rays and efficiently converting it into usable electricity. Without solar panels, a system would be useless and would not be able to create the renewable energy that we have come to associate with this free and plentiful power source.

We are ready to design your power system and install the solar panels required to meet your goals for creating your own eco-friendly power. Our customers range from homeowners looking to do their part to protect the environment up to the large commercial and industrial users seeking a way to save money on their ever-increasing energy bills.

Not only do we offer solar panels and all the related equipment that is required to draw energy from sunlight, but we also provide other products that help capture the green energy Mother Nature makes available to us. You can depend on us to also offer wind turbines for your property.


  • Canadian Solar
  • Enphase Energy
  • Fronius
  • Mission Solar
  • Outback Power Systems
  • Panasonic
  • Generac
  • LG
*Other manufacturers available.